My first logo sketch

One year ago today I made a bold decision – to, at the age of 43, start my own business.  It’s not exactly sailing solo around the world or climbing Mount Everest – but for for me it was a BIG deal!  After decades of decorating for myself and friends for pure fun, I turned my hobby into a job – signed some paperwork for Uncle Sam – and never looked back!  My goal was to be the go-to person when a family was embarking on a home project, but weren’t sure how to get the results they wanted.  It has been an amazing 12 months of late nights and early mornings, taking risks, tapping into my creative side, and getting tons of experience any way I could.  All that plus juggling college coursework (that’s a blog in and of itself), opening accounts everywhere and learning product lines, and mostly just “putting myself out there” (gulp!).  It was a make-it or break-it year, and I’m more confident, energized, and enthusiastic about practicing design than ever.

Since I’m getting all reflective I wanted to say thank you to a few people …. first to Interior Designer Ron Alose, who sparked my interest in design and has been generous and unfiltered in sharing his decades of experience with me.  Next, to my mother-in-law, who introduced me to Ron, and with whom our countless hours “talking about fabrics” surely shaped my love of decor.  To my friend Stacey Daley, who told me that I could – and that I was crazy not to.  To all the families who allowed me the privilege of working in their homes, I am tremendously grateful.

As I enter 2015 I am both thrilled, amazed, and humbled at how my first year turned out.  I’m taking a break from formal design school to focus on my clients and the business, including a website.  I’m hard at work completing several design projects which I look forward to sharing on the new site and blog.  I’m hoping 2015 is a great year for each of you as well, both professionally and personally.  I saved the biggest thank you for last…to my own family – I could not do this if not for the support of my husband and children, who I am lucky to say are healthy, happy, and are each enjoying successes of their own.  I’m proud to show my children that no matter what age you are, if you love what you do and give it your all – good things will happen!

All the best in 2015,